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Monday, May 17, 2010

Officer Position Part Duh

Archery practice was this weekend, and I had a bast as usual. Raithe was kind enough to lend me his atlatl and darts to try, and boy was that fun. Nothing quite like hurling six foot long spears. Sure my aim sucked, but it improved the more I used them and in fact managed to not only hit the target boards a few times but actually score even.

Elzbeth, who had indicated she might be willing to take the position of Seneschal cornered me at archery and told me she'd be more comfortable if I took the role, so I have been cajoled and press ganged into service and am submitting my letter to Lord Petrov at our next encounter, I believe he will be at FOOL.

Now I have a ton of paperwork to read through. Have to study the Marshal handbooks more still and have to read though the Seneschal's Handbook now as well.

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