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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Banana Mead

I am woefully out of date in posting this as it has been brewing for a couple of weeks now, but I have started a new mead. It is a banana mead. I have not quite seen a recipe quite like the one I used, as most recommend a bag for the banana and brewed like tea with the banana removed before full on brewing, but they all report the banana flavour to be weak. So I have decided to throw the banana straight into the must and hope for the best.

I have taken a number of frozen bananas thawed them with water and blended it until it was smooth and about the consistency of a milk shake. I then mixed it with honey and water at 1 part banana slurry 1 part honey and 3 parts water. this makes for quite a sugary mix, and I warn you make sure you have significant room for growth.

I am making a one gallon batch as a test batch to see if its worth the effort of making a larger batch, I have plans for it if it works well. I had only the neck of the demi-jon for growth and it came to quite a shock to me to see how fast the volume increased. Apparently yeast are rather fond of bananas. Due to quick thinking on Faye's part I put the demi-jon in the bathtub and closed the curtains, and it is a good thing too because in less then an hour it blew the bung and sprayed must almost to the ceiling. I have tasted it and the banana flavour is coming out slightly, if it doesn't increase I might just add some more banana to make up for the lost liquid from the explosion and to increase the flavour.