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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Contemplating Pent Entry

I am considering entering Pent in the 2011 Kingdom A&S. Now I know don't have a hope in hell of winning, but I figure it could be a fun experience, plus get me working on more A&S. Pent is an arts and sciences competition where you enter five arts and sciences projects covering a range of categories.

You cannot enter more than two entries in any one main category, and only one per sub category. The categories are:

I. Performing Arts  
• Bardic recitation  
• Dance: Middle Eastern  
• Dance: European  
• Dance: Original Choreography  
• Dramatic Performance  
• Juggling/tumbling  
• Musical Performance: Mixed ensemble  
• Musical Performance: String Instrument  
• Musical Performance: Voice  
• Musical Performance: Wind instrument  
• Music Composition1  
• Poetry1  
• Prose/Playwriting1  
• Research1  
II. Textile and Needle Arts:  
• Costume accessories  
• Costuming: European pre 1200  
• Costuming: European 1200-1351  
• Costuming: European: 1351-1451  
• Costuming: European: 1451-1600  
• Costuming: Non European  
• Free-form embroidery  
• Lacemaking  
• Counted thread work  
• Miscellaneous needle work  
III. Technological Sciences:  
• Armour: cloth/leather/Horn  
• Armour: mail/plate  
• Ironwork/tool making  
• Miscellaneous crafts  
• Musical Instrument making  
• Scientific Instruments  
• Weapon making  
• Woodworking: construction  
• Wood, Horn and bone carving  
• Animal Husbandry  
IV. Studio Crafts:  
• Calligraphy  
• Ceramics/pottery  
• Drawing  
• Decorative metalwork  
• Pewter casting  
• Glasswork  
• Illumination  
• Lapidary  
• Leatherwork  
• Miscellaneous crafts  
• Painting  
• Sculpture  
• Bookbinding  
• Pigments and pens  
V. Domestic Arts and Sciences: 
• Wine/Mead/Beer/ale/lager  
• Cooking: illusion foods  
• Cooking: multiple dish  
• Cooking: single dish  
• Dyeing  
• Knitting  
• Knot work  
• Spinning  
• Weaving  
• Miscellaneous crafts  

Quite a wide variety of categories eh! This is what I am considering entering:

Category I
Research - A paper on beer and bread

Category III
Woodworking: Construction - Making a Pole Lathe and using it to turn bowls

Category IV
Calligraphy - Do some Calligraphy Scroll work
Bookbinding - Do some Japanese bookbinding or Coptic bookbinding

Category V
Wine/Mead/Beer/Ale/lager - Well I am becoming known as a mead maker so what would an A&S entry from me be without some mead. My idea is to find as period a mead recipe as possible (preferably sixth century Irish to fit my persona if I can) and make that.

In any A&S competition there are three levels, Advanced Intermediate and Beginner. Generally speaking Pent entries don't stand a chance unless they are all advanced, but I am not entering Pent to win, am entering Pent (assuming I DO enter pent) for the experience, as such I probably won't be entering every entry as advanced, though the mead would probably have to be advanced since I am gaining such a reputation as a mead maker (even if my mead isn't up to the same level as others). Most entries will probably be at the intermediate level.

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