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Monday, March 29, 2010

Catching up to date

I just realized that in my haste to update this blog I overlooked something fairly critical. I am now a  heavy Marshal in training, in addition to my Minor Boffer Constible in Training. This means that once I have both I will be a Heavy and Minor Boffer Marshal and not a constible at all.

The difference between Constible and Marshal is that a Constible has all the authority of a Marshal save that only a Marshal is permitted to run authorizations. I need three signatures stating I assisted at events on each and then two additional on my Heavy stating that I am a capable Marshal. Looking at upcomming events I should be able to get the signatures fairly quickly, provided I do alot of reading of the rules and study up real good. The plan is to contact the marshals (both boffer and heavy) at any event I am going to this year and offer my assistance. The plan is to attend Trillium War for sure, and probably Lady Mary, Murder Melee, and Pensic. Now I am not sure if Pensic would count or if I could even get any signatures there since it is out of kingdom and all that, but betwwen the other events I should get a good jump start on my signatures fairly quickly.

Regular Blogging

I have been terrible at keeping this blog up to date, however I am going to attempt to improve the frequency of posts, especially now that there are a couple of regular readers. I will continue making more mead making posts and gathering more and more tried and yummy recipes for you you all.

As my last post mentioned I had a blast at FITP (Forward Into The Past) and Ragnar, who was one of the main organizer, provided me with a nice supply of honey that will keep me in the mazing business for some time. Next batch to commence ASAP :D.

Forward Into the Past

So Forward Into The Past was this weekend, and I think it is perhaps my favourite event I have gone to todate, even with the fact that I taught, for the first time, Intro to Mead Making. I think the class went well, and the students seemed interested, especially when I informed them they'd have a bottle of Mead to bring home to finish fermenting.

Other than teaching I learned some bone carving, a little more on Ogham and Runic texts, some shoe making, and much more. If you are reading this and have never heard of or been to Forward Into the Past I highly recommend going to it next year.

For those of you from FITP who attended my class, as promised I am posting the class notes here in PDF format. The notes can be downloaded from google documents here. If you did not attend the class feel free to download the notes anyways.