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Thursday, June 04, 2009

What a practice

Wow, multiple knights and nearly 20 fighters at yesterday's practice, including a first time female fighter who I got a chance to fight.

Sir Vanian was quite helpful in teaching me a thing or two at the beginning of practice before many had finished armoring up, and Sir Kasmir also took me aside to give me a little one on one training. It was quite a knight's night.

Melee practice was a blast, though I died harshly several times. I have a healthy fear of spears now, not that I didn't respect them before, but after a jab to an unarmored part of my stomach and a shot that almost took off my head, I am certain I will watch for spears in future melees.

I discussed what I would like for a helm with Rocriptus, and he has been wanting to try to make one like I want anyways so I am really hoping I can afford to at least give him a partial payment in order to start work on a helm.

Kellan and I chatted about two stick stratagies and he gave me some helpful pointers on a stance I might find more effective, next practice I will have to try it out.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Mead Making Progress

Ok so I finally have a bottle clean to be used, well sort of, now I have to clean it so that the cleaner is out of it and its truly clean with no trace chemicals, however that's the easy part really. That being said I picked up enough honey to do a small batch, a fermentation lock, and some yeast. Perhaps soon I will have a batch in progress. The siphon hose can always be purchased at a later date really, the fermentation process will take time anyways. I will be taking loads of pictures and such along the way so anyone who might actually follow this blog might be able to view the process.