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Monday, May 31, 2010

More on Pent

So I have thought some more on entering Pent, and I think I will, however I have refined what I thought I will do for the entry, now I am considering:

Category III Technological Sciences
Weapon Making - atlatl making and using
Woodworking Construction - making and using a pole lathe

Category IV Studio Craft
Bookbinding - Coptic Binding
Pigments and pens - do a comparison of various inks on various papers

Category V Domestic Arts and Sciences
Wine/Mead/Beer/ale/lager - Period beer brewing with a beer bread made from the remains.

The pigments and pens instead of a calligraphy was because I was researching for doing calligraphy and decided I'd do home made period paper and home made period ink, and in researching ink recipes I discovered that there are a number of factors in choosing the right ink for the right paper, so a straight out comparison would be interesting, since I couldn't find such a comparison I decided to do one myself.

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