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Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Lesson Learned

Last nights fights went well, though there were so few of us. We did not fight in our regular location as there were preparations for a Yule party that I think would be disrupted by the combat of heavy fighters, so we went next door and discovered the room was probably twice the size, though the tile considerably slipperier. There were only four of us suited up and prepared for battle.

Since there were so few players I was taught many a lesson that night, and some I will not easily forget.

Lesson 1) The cup is all important, all praise the cup, I may found a religion based on the protective powers of the cup. Without the cup last night Lilley would have definitely been my only child, although perhaps my singing voice might have improved with the new ability to hit higher notes.

Lesson 2) I am not a heater shield person, time to build my own center boss. Center boss is the "Boss".

Lesson 3) Cover my ass for a blow to my seat makes a painful ride home.

Lesson 4) Vary my blows, I am way too predictable (some who know my alter ego Jeff might not be shocked by this revelation).

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