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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

First Practice of 2009

Practice went well, and I learned lots.

My thoughts about the centre boss being the shield for me were confirmed again as I shunned the heater entirely and focused on the centre boss. Got some good exchanges in and the guys really worked with me to start whipping me into shape for Winter War where I hope to get authorized so I can fight at events.

I need to work more on defensive manouvers though, I got spanked a couple of times, and while it hurt I will survive to fight another day, and I learned that with one handed weapons that's not a kill shot like I thought it was.

I earned a nasty welt on my hip, stands out pretty good. By far the biggest one I've gotten yet. I am honestly not to sure who gave me this one, it might have been Snag, but I can't recall for sure.

My off side shot has improved alot, but I need to work harder. Snag helped me lots before one bout, and I think I am starting to get it down pat, just not fast enough with it.

We did some melee, and wow was that fun. At one point I got speared by Rob (what the heck is his SCA name again) in such a way I only saw the spear retract away from my face, not the actual hit, but I felt it. I have to admire that guy's speed. We did a few bouts of three on three, but after one which left me winded they did a few three on one's and such which was interesting to watch, and looked like fun.

I really need to work on my breathing. I tend to hold my breath when blocking and taking a shot, and since you are doing that most of the time in a fight it is real easy to get winded that way. Oh well just another in a long line of things that are uber important to remember.

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Anonymous said...

You had me at spanking.

Just saying.