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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Practice Dec 3rd

I attended fight practice again and fought hard. Sir Kasimir attended the training as well, it is his tradition to show up to Trinovantia Nova's Heaving Fighting practice once a month. I had much to learn from Sir Kasimir and Vanion who both took much time to teach me much.

Adelle and I sparred once and she managed to do a nice wrap to my back which I still feel this morning. She felt bad for her blow, but I assured her that it was a fair and well placed shot. The bruise should heal by next practice.

I was impressed to see Raithe take down Kasimir in a single blow. I hope someday to be skilled enough to do the same.

I did win a few bouts, though for the most part I know they were given to me to demonstrate how to take advantage of openings and to keep my moral up.

This is my first attempt at using the leg armour graciously loaned to me. It felt good to toss the hockey pants aside and have the mobility that the new armour gave me. Though the spanking I got form Kasimir definately made me pine for the protection of the hockey pants, luckily there is no welt on my rear to stand testiment to the pain.

I'd like to thank Damon for his assistance in teaching me how to peen a rivit and helping me get straps and stomach protection on the kidney belt. It was definately a learing experience.


Anonymous said...


A spanking! A spanking!!

Castle Anthrax

Anonymous said...

SO... it was a crash bar then?


I'll have to get you over to JA's...

Ms. Tress.