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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Barroom Brawl at Yule

Trinovantia Nova celebrated Yule yesterday (Dec 10th), and what a party. There was enough sugary goodness to knock out even the hardest of sugar addicts. I know that even this morning I still felt the effects of a sugar high (or was that the mead I drank when I got home).

I did discover (as I do every year) that I can only stand so much hot apple cider before my stomach revolts. If only cider didn't taste so darned good I could resist it a tad, or at least before my fifth glass. There was fantastic homemade fudge there that was just beyond good. And whoever made that onion dip should be commended as well.

Before the food was brought out a barroom brawl broke out. First there were no apparent alliances, truly a free for all brawl, then slowly groups began to form until it became heavies against boffers. Though the boffers outnumbered us we still managed to teach them a thing or two. I found I rather enjoy using two swords, fighting two fisted is even more fun than sword and shield. I did use a great sword for a while, but since it was a boffer great sword I wielded it one handed with a short sword in the other hand. There was one kid who was just deadly with two weapons and try as I might I could not land a blow past his whirling arms though he was half my hight and I should have had an incredible advantage. Funny how the smallest of warriors sometimes are the most deadly. Until that kid I always thought the quick twirling of swords you see in the movies is generally ineffective, this kid proved that if done right it works. I didn't catch his name, but he was amongst the youngest of the fighters I believe.

Raithe was up to his usual shinanigans constantly attempting to sneak a shot in even if I wasn't engaged in battle with him, however I got one or two good shots in on him as well, and I am practicing more and more with my sword so I am hopping to teach him a lesson in our next battle that he won't soon forget ;).

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