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Monday, July 05, 2010

Cú Allaidh Goes To War

I made it to War of the Trillium again this year, and once again it was a fantastic event. I geeked in many ways, and partied until I could barely stand.

I finally managed to fight a newbie tournament. Newbie tourneys are a tournament between anyone who has been authorized for less than two years. Its a great way for the green fighters such as myself to actually have a chance at acclaim by right of arms. Of course, even amongst newbies, I am not a very good fighter and was one of the first eliminated. The tourney was an Atlantian Speed Tourney basically everyone was pared off and fought simultaneously, then winners went to one side of the field losers to the other. If you were on the loser side and lost you were eliminated, if you were on the winning side and lost you went to the loser side. Then it was just whittled down from there. While I did poorly two other Trinovantians showed that us shirefolk are hardy and do not fall before a challenge. Victoria (I cannot recall her SCA name) and Lord Tadc had the honour of fighting each other for the gold. I cannot recall who won quite frankly, if anyone was there and recalls please refresh my memory.

I also participated in the individuals tourney, and lost just as fast there as at the newbie, but again had a blast doing it. The sun did me in on my final bout though and I decided that was the last of the fighting for the day. I am afraid I have gotten terribly out of shape after my battle with gout and need to work on endurance a fair amount.

In the A&S field I did not get my mead entered into the A&S competition, however I did get it into the Urich Von Den See 10th annual mead tasting competition. I had two entries, my Cyser and my Oak Aged Spiced Chai Mead. I entered the competition purely for the feedback not expecting to even place. However my Oak Aged Spiced Chai Mead won hands down, it was exceedingly popular. I have a gold medal to prove it and am ridiculously proud of the medal.

So I would say that WOT was a very successful event for me, and actually for our Shire of Trinovantia Nova who definitely won our share of medals. Wassail to all.

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