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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Youth In Charge Event

For a while now Margurite (Faye) and I have been considering planning an event which we are calling "Youth In Charge". This event will be an event run by the youth of Trino (and hopefully youth of all Ealdormere).

Yesterday we presented our sample budget and asked for a show of interest in hosting the event. I was expecting to have to justify why it would be a good event, instead what I got was a resounding love of the idea.

Robby Goldsworthy agreed to co autocrat it with me
Lilley (now going by Lys DuParis for the SCA) is co-feastocratting it with Margurite
and various other positions filled up rapidly. It was such a popular idea that we actually have enough volunteers to do a proper bid proposal. So it looks like I am going to try my hand and autocratting :D.

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