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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Masquerade II from a Newbie's Point of View

Last weekend was Masquerade II a Trinovantia Nova hosted event that was held in St. Thomas. Here are my thoughts on the event:

I am new to the SCA. While I have been out to heavy fight practice several times in the past few weeks I was not quite ready to authorize to fight in the lists quite yet (next time I'll be ready). My daughter Lilley, who is six, enjoyed Masque even more than I myself did I think. This was our first event, but far from our last I suspect.

Everyone showed extreme kindness to myself and my daughter, and for that I thank everyone, from the Event Steward Wulfgang to other guests, particularly the dance instructors who took Lilley and I under their gracious wings to teach us some wonderful dances. Although I am
generally not a dancer and have I two left feet, my daughter, however, loves to dance and we spent many hours learning new dances and I must admit even I enjoyed the dancing.

Sitting at head table was a treat. It was a unique experience to experience my first ever feast from such a vantage point, next time I hope to earn the right to sit there in battle.

The songs were wonderful, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I think my daughter has the makings of a bard. Never have I seen her so keen to get in front of a crowd in such a public manner. Though music has always been a passion of hers, dancing and singing seems to be
something she does even in her sleep, she is generally shy and reserved in front of a crowd. I think because of the warm welcome we received she felt more at ease and was able to enjoy the attention she received for participating.

The toys she got from Gerard the "Evil" Toymaker are now her pride and joy. She brings them with her wherever she is able to. She has figured out how to "free the prisoner" (with a tip or two from me) and delights in the misery of others who cannot master the toy a six year
old has.

Now that she knows that the SCA is more than just fighting (she is quite interested in boffer, especially since she has seen some combat now) she is eager for more SCA experiences. She enjoyed the event so much she insisted on wearing her garb to her mother's on Saturday and
apparently wore it for most of the day.

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