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Thursday, November 27, 2008



I am Jeff Johnston, and recently I started going out to the SCA heavy fighting practices and am quite enjoying myself. So I thought I'd start a blog about my SCA activities and interests.

Everyone in the SCA has what is referred to as a "Society Name", this is the name you go by in the SCA, I have not officially registered one yet, but I have picked one out. I am Cú Allaidh mac Cummascaig a 8th century Irishman. I don't have any more of a backstory than that yet, but it seems fitting enough. While not all early celtic names have meanings this one does Cú Allaidh mean "wild hound" or "wolf", and Cummascaig means both 'the act of mixing together; mixture' and 'disturbance, strife, conflict, battle'. Since mac means son of my name can be translated as Wolf the son of Battle. I thought it sounded sufficiently bad ass enough for my purposes as a heavy fighter.

So from here on out I will be writing as Cú Allaidh and not Jeff.

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