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Monday, March 29, 2010

Catching up to date

I just realized that in my haste to update this blog I overlooked something fairly critical. I am now a  heavy Marshal in training, in addition to my Minor Boffer Constible in Training. This means that once I have both I will be a Heavy and Minor Boffer Marshal and not a constible at all.

The difference between Constible and Marshal is that a Constible has all the authority of a Marshal save that only a Marshal is permitted to run authorizations. I need three signatures stating I assisted at events on each and then two additional on my Heavy stating that I am a capable Marshal. Looking at upcomming events I should be able to get the signatures fairly quickly, provided I do alot of reading of the rules and study up real good. The plan is to contact the marshals (both boffer and heavy) at any event I am going to this year and offer my assistance. The plan is to attend Trillium War for sure, and probably Lady Mary, Murder Melee, and Pensic. Now I am not sure if Pensic would count or if I could even get any signatures there since it is out of kingdom and all that, but betwwen the other events I should get a good jump start on my signatures fairly quickly.

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